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- Getbusy Ambassador May 2014: Managed the highest rating among the first 40 of 1.500 candidates, taking Getbusy.gr online quiz based on computer skills, professional development, entrepreneurship, new technologies and stainability literacy.
- "The Age of Sustainable Development" (High Distinction) Coursera.org Verified Certificates https://www.coursera.org/maestro/api/certificate/get_certificate?course_id=971846
- 1st Customer Service Sales Rep July 2012: Recognized as the 1st in range Customer Service Sales Representative in Summer of 2012, out of 20 agents in Customer Service Dept. The ranking was based on telesales of air tickets and ferry tickets.
Scuola/istituto, cittàLivello di istruzioneSettore di studioPeriodoBreve descrizione
University of Patras, Greece
Laurea breve
Tourism Management
B.Sc. Thesis: «Ecotourism: Development and Prospects in Greece». Senior Thesis: «Boutique & Art Hotels».
Scuola/istituto, cittàLivello di istruzioneSettore di studioPeriodoBreve descrizione
Hyper Island, Stockholm, Sweden
Digital strategy
The Digital Data Strategist full-time program bridges technology, psychology, marketing and business together with a result oriented mindset. It is developed in collaboration with Hyper Island's industry partners and collaborators to anticipate industry needs in a world where innovation drives disruption. The program discuss social, legal and ethical issues of dealing with data and train students on testing, conversion and optimization. Its curriculum focuses on UX, data landscape, digital strategy, data-driven marketing, complex data-driven project management, business optimization, service and product development.
"The Age of Sustainable Development" https://www.coursera.org/maestro/api/certificate/get_certificate?course_id=971846
Grade: 100%
Esperienza professionale: 
Azienda/ OrganizzazionePosizioneTipoPeriodoBreve descrizione
Viva Wallet (vivawallet.com)
Special Claims Representative
Full time
B2C2B Special Requests Management. Viva Telecom Customer Support. Billing and Payment Consumer Support for Viva Payments - Viva Wallet Users. Online/Electronic Payments & Transactions (Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfers, e-Wallets) Reviewing, Approvals and Authorizations. Fraud Prevention Analysis.
Azienda/ OrganizzazionePosizioneTipoPeriodoBreve descrizione
Viva Wallet (vivawallet.com)
Customer Support Representative
Full time
Customer Service. Online Bookings. Timetables & Availability. Telesales. Ticketing. Fraud Prevention Analysis. Viva Telecom Customer Support.
Azienda/ OrganizzazionePosizioneTipoPeriodoBreve descrizione
Piraeus Marine Club
Desk Receptionist & Accounting Assistant
Reservations, Billing & Payment Services. Clientele Account Management. Data Entries, Updates & Archiving. Accounting Department Assistant. Event Planning Assistant.
Azienda/ OrganizzazionePosizioneTipoPeriodoBreve descrizione
Fine Jewelry Retail Sales
Sales Representative
Full time
B2C Sales. Customer Service. Substantial Knowledge in Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewelry. Collaboration with Engraving Workshops.
Azienda/ OrganizzazionePosizioneTipoPeriodoBreve descrizione
Ceramics Art Studio & Design
Marketing & Social Media Administrator
Full time
Sales Promotion. Online Campaign Monitoring. Social Media Content Administration. Customer Support. Design Assistance in Production Department.
Azienda/ OrganizzazionePosizioneTipoPeriodoBreve descrizione
Edenred Greece
Inside Sales Representative
Full time
Clientele Development. B2B Account Management. Sales Data Reporting. Sales Department Representation in Trade-Shows and Conferences. Consumer Support in Digital Prepay Solutions For Electronic Payments and Transactions.