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Institution, cityDegree levelField of studyPeriodSummary
"Nicu Gane", Falticeni, Romania
Bachelor's degree
I have studied romanian literature, English and French languages and other courses linked directly with these. Because of my passion for books, I always were able to fulfill my homework and to be a good student at literature and English. I managed to write articles and short stories for the school magazine, which were appreciated by the teachers and my school-mates.
Institution, cityDegree levelField of studyPeriodSummary
"Stefan cel Mare", Suceava, Romania
High School
International Relations
European Studies
I studies politics, history, philosophy, sociology, european studies - mainly about european institutions and how does the EU works, and English language. The best things I learned are how to realize and present a project, I really loved to speak freely in front of my colleagues and how to minutely document myself about different subjects.
Company/ OrganisationJob titleTypePeriodSummary
SC Tanasa Cornel SRL, Romania
Part time
SC Tanasa Cornel SRL has been my father's shop and I have worked there during the summer holidays in 2008 and 2010.
Company/ OrganisationJob titleTypePeriodSummary
SC Sandu Maria SRL, Romania
Part time
I have worked alongside my actual partner at his mother's second location, a local little bar in a small village. We took care of the serving, the supply, the cleaning and the accounting.